Mobile Responsive Design in Leighton Buzzard

mobile responsive design

All of our websites are created to be mobile, tablet and desktop friendly

What is responsive web design

Essentially responsive web design (RWD) means an approach aimed at creating websites that give the user an optimal viewing experience. So regardless of what device the user is using to view your website, we will build the website to adapt responsively to suit your screen size.

Responsive Web Design RWD

Why is web responsive design important to your user?

Your audience may use a variety of screens and devices to search for your business online. First impressions of your business are very important to us so we will build your website to be easily read and navigate without the need for zooming and panning out with content that is missing from the screen. With Google changing its algorithm frequently, it now gives websites a higher ranking if they are designed responsively. When people are out and about and want to search for your business. Do you think they are more likely to leave your website if it does not look or perform well on their mobile/tablet?

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